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@euqcaj Hi Jacque, yes I can assure you that I haven't had any cdiff type symptoms since Jun of 2019. I won't say I don't occasionally have a bit of what I call loose bowel but never close to the un controllable Bowel of cdiff proball onenof the most embarrassing times of my life. Now i was also having intestinal issues besides cdiff where the small intestine was inflamed and I did have stomach pain for a while like 6 months anytime I ate. So I was on antibiotics for that also. And even with all that the cdiff was not a factor. Praise the Lord(I also prey alot too).
But the answer my Gastro Doctor suggested was small frequent meals. So what I did was basically take a normal meal split it in half and eat every 2-3 hours instead of 3 meals a day about 5 hours apart. Plus small healthy snacks like fruit or vegetables. I'm a bit fan of celery and peanut butter or with a little ranch dressing. Cutties are great to small quick to eat. So basically become a snacker and avoid large meals. It helped but was not easy since I usually felt unsatisfied on the first n half of a meal . But got used to it. I did that for about 6 months and the inflamed bowel finally healed and I was back to a normal diet about 6 months latter . Not sure if that will help .
What did your Doctor have to say about all this? I hope you find relief real soon but there is a healing process.
Have a Blessed Day Jacque

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Thank you so much Dana. The symptoms of inflammed bowel rang a bell with me. After C-diff my gastro said I most likely had post infectious IBS (irratable bowel syndrome). I had begun to get "better" and only two weeks of getting my bowel back to something I could live with, when I got an infection from a broken root in my tooth. I was so afraid to take ANY antibiotics. The Doxycycline didn't work so well to take the pain away and I'm now on Amoxicillan. I was so relieved to see your statement that you did not have a re-occurence of C-diff. I am praying also. (everyday for many things.) The pain has lessened now and I'm scheduled for oral surgery next Friday. My bowels are relapsing, I think because of the change in the meds and taking the probiotics. I know the Amoxicillan does not cause constipaiton, but I'm not sure how my body reacts to the probiotics. I remember after having the C-diff, taking the probiotics caused me some intestinal discomfort and I'm feeling that again. I am taking the probiotic in "the order" you had suggested. Meaning the Aciddophilus was listed second. I am taking four a day while taking the Amoxicillan.

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