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@jtatum, Good morning. I hope that your dad will soon be on his way to Mayo. It is unfortunate that current restrictions place a limit on the supply of available beds.

12 years ago I was transferred to Mayo Rochester from the ICU in Kentucky. I had actually missed my first appointment there the prior week due to emergency hospitalization. so I was already in their system with a Mayo Clinic patient number and they already had my health records. I will skip the particular details as they do not matter here, but my transplant doctors intervened and contacted Mayo who agreed to see me if my condition stabilized. My insurance was the one who had to approval and they also made all of the transport arrangements.

According to my husband's memory the time was 3 days. First day, the idea was brought up to him for approval for them to contact Mayo. 2nd day, arrangements and insurance were being processed, and evening of 3rd day, I was transferred. I suspect that if this were to happen today, with the Covid restriction, that the time would be different.

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Yes I am not sure we have not heard anything back from the hospital that put the transfer in