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Hello. I thought I would give my views on Evenity. I broke my knee a few years ago, it was a clean break and took about 6 weeks to heal. It was just bad luck that day, I fell in a “snow hole”, it was covered with snow and stepped right in it and turned and felt my knee break. I’m small boned and I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis several years ago in right hip, my hip doesn’t give me any problems, but because of my knee, my Dr recommendation was Evenity. The Rep just left when I arrived at the office for a checkup and I was the first one to try it. I trusted my Dr, no blood work was done to check my Calcium or anything. Well, started them in April. The first shots I could bearly move my arm for days, then my legs were always sore. I have had 4 shots and have been in terrible pain since. Going from a sitting position to standing, it so painful and knees causes me so pain. When I walk, it feels like I’m walking on golf balls. My feet feel cold all the time and I’m being poked with needles, my lower back hurts all away around to the groin area and my hips, thighs and calf’s feels like I ran 10 miles. I’m 58 and walk like I’m 80. I told my Dr, that I hurt so bad and I stopped the shots, his reply was let’s wait until October to get it out of your system. 2 weeks ago I was in outpatient because of the pain. I have switch Drs now and have to have test run next Wednesday. I see a chiropractor 3 times a week, my hips keep going out of place. Please, don’t get this shot, it’s not worth it. My Dr has never even prescribe anything else for me to help with Osteoporosis and everything I read says when all other medications have failed, I didn’t get that option. My body is in pain every single day and I’m totally pissed off that my Dr didn’t care and put me on these shots. Evenity is awful and it’s just not worth it. I pray It’ll get better and I will go with changing my diet and exercise and chiropractor care. There you have it. Thanks for reading!

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I am surprised no one has replied to your post. I too have experienced chronic joint pain since I started 2 months ago. Ironically, I received my 3rd session of 12 today. I worked around the house for about an hour this afternoon and I can hardly move without stiffness and pain. Unfortunately, I received my last dose of Covid -19 around the time I started Evinity, so I really don’t know which is the culprit, but I know it’s from one or the other. I am 51 and my dr stated my density numbers were so low, he knew my insurance would cover. So, I had to decide what was important to me. I was very encouraged knowing my bones will actually gain instead of just halt. But, I am having growing concern as time goes on. About 2 weeks after my 1st shot (early September) I worked around my house for several days lifting, pushing etc… my body has not recovered since. It started with lower back pain and slowly started going down the side of my right thigh. I can not stand longer than 3-5 minutes without excruciating pain and burning!!! Ibuprofen and lots of it will help but I know that regimen is detrimental also. I’ve been told by many it sounds like my IT band, not sciatica. I will follow up with my dr in January and I will see what he says if I can endure that long. I will try to remember to update thread then. I would love to hear from anyone else who may be experiencing same symptoms.

Thank you so much for posting. My Dr. is pushing hard for me to go on Evenity. I have osteoporosis. I have some kidney issues and I have had a cracked tooth pulled in the past, bone loss in the jaw and another cracked tooth with a crown protecting it. Dr. is telling me that the atypical femur factures, necrosis of the jaw and side effects are rare and I'm worried about nothing. I just can't get with that cavalier attitude when the paper for the script gives me a phone number to call immediately if I am having pain in my legs after or during the injection therapy.

I can't seem to get past my gut telling me this is not a good idea. I have severe osteoporosis and the side effects I am reading that people are having, posted here and on other sites give me pause. I can't seem to get a real sense of what the actual patient experiences are from my Dr. I also have an issue with accountability. What happens if and when side effects occur? Who helps or undoes, or fixes those? I have to live with the consequences. I am asking myself if the reduction in quality of life which may or may not resolve and from what I have read above and elsewhere and are experienced on a daily basis are worth a few percentage points. I am wondering what support and active participation the pharma company is taking to support and address the issues/ side effects women are experiencing or is it simply, "well, we listed the risks, sorry", and they get on with their day while we live with these issues.

I am not saying to stick one's head in the sand or be in denial, but I feel like I have to really exhaust all possible solutions that are not medication based. An inclusive diet, exercise, cardio, energetic and mind/action approach. I want my decision to feel like I am doing this with as much awareness as possible because at the end of the day, the only one who will have to live with this is me. And I do not want to act out of fear or feel pressured.

These are all the issues that are circling around in my head given my recent not great dexa scan. I have healthy bone density in my femur, thighs. Spine is problematic. Do I want to trade this and feeling great now for all the irreversible risks? It takes a good two years for bone to remodel and if I am diligent, i mean really diligent, leaving no stone unturned and give myself the best non-med care and protocal, can I make a difference? That is where I am and that is what i am leaning towards vs a stonger spine but feeling horrible on a daily basis with no resolution of issues.

Anyone else have these feelings? Everyone who posted here at the onset of your treatment, I'd be interested to know how you are feeling as you progress. I am hoping to hear that it's all going well. I want to hear that, as this is still a very new drug and I have a lot of sensitivities. I await your truthful and hopefully good and not so good responses, i want to hear it all as I think this will be helpful to all.

Thank you.