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CPAP (Phillips recall) and Cancer

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My husband just found out about the Dreamstation recall. He only found out because he was looking for a battery pack - was not notified by his doctor or by Phillips. He has been using this same machine for at least 5 years. For a long time he would smell a burning plastic smell. He since has turned the heater to the lowest setting.

He was diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma one year ago. Was only caught when his annual physical bloodwork showed elevated white cell count. Bone marrow biopsy confirmed stage IV mantle cell lymphoma. He currently has no symptoms so no treatment is being done.

Could these two be related???
Mandy in Denver, CO

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Hello @downbytheriver, Welcome to Connect. I'm not sure anyone can answer the question you ask but I would be asking it too. Here is the recall notice which discusses the issue - https://www.usa.philips.com/a-w/about/news/archive/standard/news/press/2021/20210614-philips-issues-recall-notification-to-mitigate-potential-health-risks-related-to-the-sound-abatement-foam-component-in-certain-sleep-and-respiratory-care-devices/

Here's the information so that you can register the CPAP for replacement/repair - https://www.usa.philips.com/healthcare/e/sleep/communications/src-update

There is a discussion on Connect that you may find helpful on Mantle Cell Lymphoma - https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/mantle-cell-lymphoma/

Have you discussed the recall with your doctor to see if they are possibly related?

Check with my attorney at: cpap-bipapgroup@levinlaw.com <cpap-bipapgroup@levinlaw.com>