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Bronchiolitis obliterans aka Popcorn Lung

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I have had problems for 40 years reacting to chemicals, mold, etc. Over the last 15 years I started to have a lot of problems with burning leaves, wood fires–developing chest pain and sometimes breathing problems. Nov. 2020–I was exposed to burning and mold in the same week. After 4 days of coughing, chest pain, extreme fatigue and hardly able to eat I ended up in the hospital in critical care for 45 min. with a heart rate of 250-287.To shorten the story-next day I was found to have serious wheezing, and fluid around the heart and pleura effusion around both lungs. In Jan. and Feb fluid was drained and found to have high levels of allergic cells. After lung bio-March– it was found I had Bronchiolitis obliterans. I am losing faith in help and knowing what else I can do. My pulmonary Dr. just moved away. Does anyone specialize in this disease? I have been avoiding chemicals in my home for 32 years, but I can hardly go outside these days.

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Hello, and welcome to the Mayo Connect community. We are people living with a wide variety of diseases and conditions, who try to help one another along the way. We each strive to be informed medical consumers, and our own best advocates in our care. We are not medical professionals, so not able to provide medical advice. We can tell you what has worked for us (or not) and provide you with information and conversation about your questions.

After not seeing any discussions about pulmonary fibrosis for some time, we have heard from 2 people in just 2 days – here is the link to my reply yesterday, with some resources for you:
You may want to use the Mayo link to contact them about an appointment: http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63

Please let me know how you fare in finding an experienced doctor.

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