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AREDS 2 and side effects

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I am new to this site and I want to ask a question. My eye Dr just put me on AREDS2 PreserVision and I also get an upset stomach. I am wondering if this is weight related. I am to take two tablets, one after eating in the morning and one after dinner. My question is should a woman who weighs approximately 120 lbs take the same two pill dosage, morning and evening as at 200 lb man? Thank you!

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Hi @gagirl2019 and welcome. I'm tagging @sally1b2b to see if she has any tips about dealing with upset stomach related to AREDS2. Have you discussed the possibility of reducing your dosage with your doctor? Do you find the upset stomach to be less with either the morning or the evening dose?

I agree with you & had the same problem. I weigh 115. I called the Bausch & Lomb phone number on the AREDS medication box since there aren’t absolutely no caution literature on the box or in the box at 1-800-553-5340 which is their number for questions. I spoke to Tiffany, she said I should ask
my doctor. So I said taking 2 pills gives you 3 times the normal dailyVitamin E requirements according to the Mayo Clinic website & the FDA. Excessive amounts of Vitamin E can cause reactions from blood pressure medications & diuretics. AREDS contains excessive vitamin E. You need to talk to your pharmacist, or a licensed hospital dietician, & show your doctor what this vitamin contains. You can zinc & copper in a separate vitamin as well as the Lutein & Zeaxanthin in a separate vitamin. After taking AREDS a month , I noticed a sone bruises. …
Which is why I went to the Mayo Clinic website & checked the recommended amounts for AREDS ingredients which is when I saw the Mayo Clinic comments about Vitamin E. It fits the concerns of persons contacting this Mayo Clinic connect group.