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Depressed caregiver

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WOW. She did the dishes! I am so excited for both of you. My hubby is a great dish washer also. A master of all trades. It's sunny today in the Northeast after weeks of dismal rainy days. The light at the end of the tunnel. I love hearing from everyone. Love is a Many Splendid Thing (an old movie and an old song). Oh that reminds me. I watched an amazing, kind of old movie, on Netflix the other day. It's only going to be on until the 22nd. I didn't know that they time limited those movies. But this movie was a gem with the multi-talented Vanessa Redgrave. The name of it is Unfinished Song. I bawled through the whole thing, but it was so delightful, and so poignant. I told all of my friends about it, and everyone called just to thank me for the movie tip. Such a sweet gentle, and at times uproariously funny movie. I can cry at parades however, but this movie could make a rock cry. it was a delight. One of my all time favorites. Even my friends told friends, and everyone loves this movie. I found it by dumb luck. Watch it if you have time.

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Thanks for the feedback and movie suggestion. It sounds good, but we don't have Netflix.

Thank you for letting me know that, even at my age, there are other people who cry watching movies. I just finished watching "Young Patton" and I cried, I cried to the very end.

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