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Went to University of Utah facility that is where infectious disease doctor resides that has blocked my treatment he also would not allow me to see another doctor there without signing some psychiatric form where they can search my home. I use marijauna for the pain. It is hard just to find a lab that can culture actinomycetes. Mycoplasmas was another possibiliy but culture came back negative. Antibiotics that are known to not work match, requires long term antibiotics treatment to
just to push symptoms back a little. Rocephin is known to be effective and it is. I have MRI's that
show lesions in brain that were not there a year ago and there are clusters that I believe may form
an abscess later that have been looked at as ischemic disease but lesions from both look the same. The bottom line 3 doctors indicated osteomyelitis which standard treatment is intravenous
antibiotics and the infectious disease refused to properly treat and only offered Augmentin even though I told him that amoxicillin did not help anymore. The bug had built up a resistance to
amoxicillin after 20 plus years. Doctors won't do cultures I ask for. Starting to think I need to go to another country for treatment.

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Maybe go back to one of the docs that diagnosed osteomyelitis for treatment?
Understand that they will want to start with Augmentin or Penicillin unless they have done a culture to identify a specific bacteria.

Also, often when treating infections, there is a treatment protocol called "step up" where they try drugs in a certain order, and if you refuse what they offer, they may decide not to treat you. This is to keep the strongest drugs "in reserve" for the most resistant infections, as superbugs due to indiscriminately used antibiotics are getting tougher all the time.

There may also be something else in your health history that makes the reluctant to give it such as reaction to another antibiotic, kidney or liver issues, or diabetes or something else.

SO what is the bottom line? Getting care is a two-way street. If you want to beat this thing, whatever it is, the doctors expect you to work with them – sometimes that means starting with their recommended treatment .and moving on if it doesn't work. And not going out on your own and adding other drugs to the regimen…

Are you willing to go back to one of the original doctor s who diagnosed that and try.?
Wouldn't that be better than continuing to suffer year after year?


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