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I think I have actinomycosis since 1997 and my treatment is being blocked by an infectious disease doctor who thinks
I have a mental disorder which is not true. When the oral surgeon said I had osteomyelitis and needed intravenous
antibiotics the infectious disease doctor offered only Augmentin even though I told him that amoxicillian was no longer
effective. The infection has since moved to the brain area and I now feel irritation around my right eye. My PCP doctor
has given prescription for oral but cannot not authorize intravenous. Recieved rocephin intravenous from ENT treating ear infection for 2 weeks and my pain level went from 8.5 down 3 before infectious disease doctor blocked further treatment. Had a lumbar puncture when the needle relieved pressure my non-stop headache went away until the next morning. Too much data to write it all here.

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Welcome to Mayo Connect, a place for people to share their experiences regarding their health with others in similar situations. We are not medical practitioners, and cannot offer diagnosis, only support

Over 20 years is a long time to have an infection, you must have seen a lot of doctors and had a lot of tests during that time. It must be very frustrating to never get an answer. Have you been ill this entire time?

What led you to believe you have actinomycosis, which is very rare? Has it ever been suggested by one of your providers, or have you had tissue cultured to test for it?

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