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Incisional hernia after transplant: Anyone else?

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Thank you for your thoughts. Went to see my dr. My MRI and CT scan are scheduled for May 7th. Surgery set for June 7th. I wear a girdle like Wrap around my middle when I am up, it helps. I too have developed soars in my mouth, I have not eaten in 2 weeks. Lost additional 11 lbs. I drink breakfast protein drink in am and Three more high protein ensure drinks. Is not comfortable drinking anything but water.. dr. Took two swabs of my mouth. One came back negative for herpies virus. Waiting for second test. Or it could b the medicine. Dr. planned on stopping my tacrolimus 2 weeks before surgery. I know I am very very fortunate for having a new liver. But since surgery 10/20/20 I feel like crap every day, now dealing with these stupid blisters. Just want to Get back to my self. Get a part time job, do some volunteer work and try to be a good helpful citizen

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Jackie, are you already taking part in this discussion?
– Liver transplant support group https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/liver-support-group/

Several members like @gaylea1 @parmcat @contentandwell and others talk about the road to recovery and getting back to one's (new) self. It is hard to find patience as a patient. Courage.

Sorry to hear that you are still suffering with the mouth sores. They are really painful and I found they interfered with my sleep and eating as well. As I mentioned earlier, Oracorte ointment was a godsend for me.

I hope your hernia repair surgery goes well and you start to feel like you have your life back. It sounds like you've been through a lot in your recovery but it will get better 🙂