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Eye evisceration

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Eye evisceration surgery update: It went great!! I fretted and tried my best to speak with both my doctor and the anesthesiologist in advance. My surgeon called two days prior, and by that time all he could do was alert his anesthesia team and ask me to come to the hospital earlier. Finally spoke with the anesthesiologist about 20 minutes before going into the OR, and his response and planned approach was exactly what I needed to hear, based on our own research and experiences.

Two weeks later, and recovering well. Surgery itself took less than an hour and I was on my way home. One week follow up with the surgeon to remove stitches in my eyelids (sewn shut), with no restrictions after that. My plan now will be to see the surgeon in July to check on healing process before meeting with cosmetic ocularist for my prosthetic. If anyone is interested, I can update you on the process for getting the prosthetic in three months.

This is not a common surgery, which is why is can be nice to hear about others' experiences when you are going through something like it. I'm grateful for this space, and for all of you who have reached out to me for support. Thank you!! I feel very blessed.

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Terri, I very much appreciate your posting an update about your surgery. Throwing ***confetti*** that it went well. What a relief. Your post will give others who have to have this surgery hope and reassurance.

Yes, please post further updates about the July check-up and the meeting with the cosmetic ocularist and the prosthetic. I'd be very interested to learn about that part of the journey.

I am facing either evisceration or enucleation down the road – I don't know when or which type of surgery will be recommended. Does my eye have to meet certain health criteria for the evisceration vs enucleation? I appreciated your article. Did you have a choice as to which surgery you had? I am almost 82 yrs old and really scared. I don't know if I can do this. I can't imagine going home the same day!! When I think of it I imagine the pain as unbearable!! I don't think I can look at myself after the surgery!! I can't see myself taking care of it afterwards. I've been through 5 eye surgeries, breast cancer, chemo, reconstruction but this frightens me more than the cancer. Any more information what you have gone through really will help me. I don't have anyone to take care of me and I don't know if I will need assistance. God bless you and hope you are healed and happy with the results of your surgery. Renyt

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