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Cataract surgery and map dot dystrophy

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Good questions about swelling, Datd2. I'm hoping @bobr1040 @rckj @rwinney or @jdeloia422 might be able to offer their experiences.

Datd2, did you talk to your surgeon about the swelling and what you might expect?

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yes, he said it may take months before my eye is normal, nothing about the tearing

UPDATE; I had my left eye cataract surgery done [after the extremely painful map dot surgery, during my one week check up, my doctor's partner told me see wanted my doctor to see me and she was order another map dot test to be done before he sees me because she said that the map dot was causing my tearing/swelling and lack of healing. Back I g, get the test, WHICH MY DOCTOR DID NOT EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE TO ME, stated to his assistant that "there is some map dot in Rt. eye and bilateral" blah, blah, blah, I had brought pictures of my swollen eyes, he did not look at them, the said the swelling was because they had to clamp my eyelid to do surgery and he would refer me to the specialist in this area, then told his assistant to "do the best she could" with the prescription for my new glasses. I get the prescription and go pick out glasses, etc. and wait 3 wks. for my new glasses, they DON'T WORK. Weeks later I see the specialist, find my tear ducts are blocked on the lt. eye 25% and 80% on my rt. eye [in the meantime I find my thyroid has stopped working and I have severe hypothyroidism, I am immediately put on meds] I tell her of this and she sets me up for a redo on my glasses prescription and to see the dry eye specialist and then her [same day] and they will figure out how to proceed I finally get my re-do appointment 3 days ago, he has the photos of my last map dot test and the first one done 8 mos. ago, he checks my eyes, and finally tells me that he can not do anything more to help me see better, my tests looked EXACTLY the same and he says I need to see another doctor who is a cornea specialist which is also the dry specialist. That's 2 wks. from now, and then he will decide on a course of treatment. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! This has been going on since my first cataract surgery on Jan. 5th, it's now Aug. 14th and I still have all these issues. HAS ANYONE HAD TO HAVE MAP DOT SURGERY REPEATED???