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Pros and Cons of Reduced Salt Foods

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Hi Dana @danab, I don't eat much ham anymore but I too like it and look forward to special occasions when it's served. Bacon is another story 😋 I'm always game for bacon. I have always looked for the nitrate free, sodium free or organic/natural versions of the product and opt for them when available as I think they are just as good when cooked the way I like it. I found some easy to understand information about the difference between cured and uncured that might be helpful although it is done by a brand name product.

What is Uncured Ham, Really? : https://www.tenderbelly.com/blogs/foodie/what-is-uncured-ham-really

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Where do you find sodium free bacon. I am on a low sodium diet and would LOVE to be able to add bacon to my diet.

That’s interesting John. I don’t eat any ham but , like you, I love bacon and just always have to have it in the house. I have progressed from regular bacon to uncurled , sans nitrates, sodium etc. I just bought a package that said it was also sugar free. The ingredients are pork, water, sea salt and less than 2% cultured celery powder. Not labeled organic though.
Celery powder is used in curing but there seems to be a controversy about using it and still labeling the meat as uncurled. There seems to be little evidence that using celery is any healthier than using nitrites. More research is needed to determine if celery has different biological effects than nitrites. The FDA okayed bacon to be labeled uncured that includes celery powder but the purists and some consumer advocates want the uncured label removed if a product has the celery powder.

I usually don’t read the ingredients on bacon and go by the organic and nitrate free labels on the front. Sometimes you just can’t win lol.

But thanks for the article...another weapon in my quest for good healthy food.

FL Mary

@johnbishop actually it does sound better and that brand name is carried at my local safe way. It at least sounds healthier and when I was reading the label of a package my Daughter in law had it was like 450 my sodium for a serving which was not to bad on a rare occasion. I'll have to see what the different brands say next time im shopping.