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Afib and breathing

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Hello, I was just diagnosed with afib, I also have other issues, panic attacks, sinus, high blood pressure, arthritis, but reading the post of "elegant gem" also said it was noticed stopped breathing but how, and also reading the answer of "spudmato" said something about sleep apnea, it did happen to many years I am now 66 yrs old, I was in my forties and I had panic attacks that's when it happens, what to expect with having afib, i am on blood thinner right now, i have a prescription of a blood test to do, I read so much on google about afib it's scary. ty

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@fde11, I'm tagging @elegantgem and @spudmato to make sure that they see your post and mentions of them.

A-Fib, like any new diagnosis, can be scary. However, as they say, knowledge is power. The more you know about YOUR a-fib (not everyone is the same), the better you will be able to live well with the condition, recognize the warning signs and live healthy to help prevent any complications. Mayo Clinic suggest these prevention tips:
– Eating a heart-healthy diet
– Increasing your physical activity
– Avoiding smoking
– Maintaining a healthy weight
– Limiting or avoiding caffeine and alcohol
– Reducing stress, as intense stress and anger can cause heart rhythm problems
– Using over-the-counter medications with caution, as some cold and cough medications contain stimulants that may trigger a rapid heartbeat

Do you have sleep apnea? What lifestyle changes might help you?