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Burning Mouth Syndrome. I have it very severe.

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Hi again, Lauren123, I am so glad to have found this site! You’re right in saying it’s a good place to share information for people with this miserable condition. No one else even faintly understands, not even the doctors I’ve consulted for evaluation and treatment. Most of them say they’ve never heard of it! Eventually we get forced down alternate paths in the hopes of finding something that works. My latest failed attempt was CBD oil— an outrageously expensive and useless product.

In answer to your question, yes, my gums burn all day, every day, but mostly on one side. My tongue is the worst, as it involves the entire thing. Occasionally my nostrils and lips get in on the action as well. I do not have sinus problems , or TMJ or any neuralgia that I know of. I was sorry to read of your multiple maladies. For me, the one odd thing that might be a clue is that I have sneezing jags multiple times per week. Once I start I sneeze anywhere from 20 to 45 times in a row. (Allergy testing was negative.)

So for now, I, as I’m sure you do, forge ahead, thankful to get through each night and hoping for distractions during the day. Try the lidocaine when it is at its most unbearable. I pray God will both comfort and heal you.

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Hello twentyfour7. Sorry I missed this response. I suffered a dental accident in 2004 when an aggressive dental incident occurred. I was getting a routine cleaning when her drill ended up seriously damaging my gum. I immediately changed dentists and was sent to a dental specialist who is able to diagnose oral facial mouth pain that is not generated from the tooth. The damage caused pain along the trigeminal nerve so I was told originally that I have BMS. However, I have also been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia which is very similar in pain symptoms. I am happy to hear that you do not have sinus issues, but the sneezing jags are unknown to me. Have you tried Clonazepam? How about Cymbalta? The Clonazepam is especially helpful, since it is sub-lingual. I also use biotene Dry mouth oral rinse. Be sure to try Mild Mint. I find it much more soothing that Gentle Mint. I have to get Mild Mint from Amazon.. I'm very interested to hear if this is helpful. It can be pricey, but there are times when it's my best solution. I even carry a small bottle with me when I travel. Of course, my dentist (a specialist) has never heard of this. I hope some of this helps. I am seeing my PM doctor this week and will see what he says about the lidocaine gel. Take care and thanks!

Hi, @lauren123 – just wanted to see how things are going with your BMS. What did your doctor say about the lidocaine gel? Are you still using the mild mint you talked about?

@sheetrock0131 – also thinking of you. How are the botox shots working for helping your BMS pain?

Hello Sheetrock, I've been thinking of you too! The botox shots are primarily for migraine symptoms. I have had serious allergy problems this year, and they aggravate my BMS. I went to a dentist who specializes in mouth guards, and he has been adjusting my appliance. It is helping somewhat. Unfortunately, I wear during the day, but it isn't helping much at night. I think I have some anxiety about trying to wear it since if it is misplaced, it causes pain in my gums. How are you doing?