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Burning Mouth Syndrome. I have it very severe.

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I’m 45 and have had this for almost 4 months. My mouth hurts so bad I can hardly smile. I feel like it doesn’t stop hurting at all!! I wake up hurting worse everyday. My doctor is baffled. I am getting so depressed. I am newly married and can’t even kiss my husband. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey how u doin dawn, congradulations on getting married! Hey I was just wondering if u have heard of any treatments or pain releivers for ur condition.. my mother has tha same condition as u do I’m tryng to find someone that may be able to help with any suggestions if u have heard, or are trying something to help with tha pain, please msg me back when u get a chance, thanks I really appreciate it….

I am on gabapentin 300mg 3 times a day. I usually have about 5 good days then a couple of not so good days. The bad days aren’t as bad as they used to be. My lips aren’t as swollen or as purple as they were in the beginning. I sure hope your Mother starts feeling better. Good Luck… LaDawn

Please read my post..You are not alone,nor are you crazy..We just happen to be the unlucky ones..
The depression goes along with this condition..God bless you..

I’m a 18 plus year sufferer. I have been everywhere, all to the Boston hospitals. You.might want to go to the Internet and look at clonazepam, and cymbalta. Look into botox shots.Oral maxofacial surgeons are giving patients with burning tounge syndrome botox.It’s helping .No side effects. It can last anywhere from 5 weeks to 5 months.Believe me,I know what you are going through. My life has been miserable. There is no cure for this condition. Dr’s don’t no for sure how we get it.
I’ve had accupuncture and been on so many medications.
I know clonazepam is the only one mostly prescribed to patients with b.m.s.
I’m going on the 1st of February. I’m praying for sometime without this devil in the mouth.I pray ypu get some relief. Please.go to burning tounge and botox shots.Feel free to contact me at any time.
God bless..

Just curious, did the Botox affect your speech in any way?

Yes I have had nerve blocks also. Now I am just on opiates and fentanyl and klonosapam now to have any relief. I have tried almost everything in the past 10 years. The leading Dr who is doing research at Anchutz did the test saying that it came from Shingle virus. I still believe it came from dentist as my teeth also ache. Many people with this believe invisignline braces help. I did invest in invisignline mouth guard. I cry In pain most every day by myself. Trying not to feel sorry for myself. I am 66. I am In a couple help groups and try everything. Some folks I think have something else wrong as they are young and only have for a short time and goes away. I just hope mine would go away.

My burning mouth syndrome started when I got my dentures it is so debilitating. My quality of life has changed horribly. I have lost over 50lbs since this terrible disorder. I could only eat soft foods and became a recluse, never wearing my dentures They only made this horrible monster worse. I was angry all the time I did some research and found that the medication Gabapention has been used to get some relief
But be warned Do you're research and speak with your Dr before using this medication. You can be trading one evil for another. This medication is used for a WIDE variety of disorders. It is addictive and has wicked withdrawal syndromes. But I use an organic toothpaste called Hello Is used for sentivity and pain. I'm on a high dose of gabapention and together with this toothpaste my burning mouth syndrome is very manageable.
Again please speak with your doctor or dentist before starting this medication
I hope you all find peace
I feel all your pain. Trials and tribulations

Have you researched the medication Gabapention. Works for me I've had BMS for five years
Very dibilitating Trading one lesser evil for another. I'm on very high dosages. But my mouth feels wonderful I have dentures
That's what started me down this horrible nightmare I lost over fifty pounds I was wearing a size 18 when I first got my dentures. Now I'm in a size 6. I'm 5 ft 8in weigh 140lb Again do your research on this medication it's certainly not for everyone Talk to your Doctor or dentist about it. I also use a lot of honey. You can put it in peppermint tea. Sometimes I just pour it on my tongue and lips. It nutrilizes the burning for a few minutes
Hope this helps

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