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Uveitis in children

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Hello, I have a 16 year old son that has Uveitis. He had gotten three rounds of steroid injections in his eyes. In August he got a 1/2 injection in his left eye and now his pressure has been 40 +/- since then. He is on 4 different drops as well as the Methotrexate with no luck. He is now seeing a Glaucoma specialist who wants to to a tube shunt or Trabeculotomy in order to reduce the pressure. We are getting ready to meet with a Doctor to research some natural solutions. there is a product called Standard Process that has had success in other areas and we are hoping that it may help with his inflamation. It wont help the eye pressure so we are still deciding what to do about that.

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Thank you for your reply, and I’m sad to hear that the steroids or the Methotrexate is not working. How long has your son had Uveitis? Did your rheumatologist not want to prescribe either Cyclosporine or Humira? Our ophthalmologist had mentioned the steroids in the eye but thank goodness my daughter’s pressure has never gone beyond the normal range. We were informed that it is possible that she may out grow this condition in a couple of years, and thank God she is responding well to 1 drop of the Pred forte, and 12 cc of Methotrexate each week. What was your son’s eye inflammation at the first diagnosis of his eyes? My daughter’s was 4+ in the left and 3 + in the right and the Opthalmologist was in shock that it was so high. I’m just curious as how your son’s eye pressure could have got so high and the steroid didn’t bring it down. I wish you the best of luck, and if I hear of any treatment that may help you out I will certainly let you know. God bless!!

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