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Still having gut problems after severe Cdiff & FMT

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I have or I hope had cidiff for 4 months. I was treated everytime. Failed even Dificid. 2 weeks ago I had an FMT. The next day I had some diarrhea that my Dr said was normal. The next day a small amount. I went 4 days with nothing at all. I called my GI & they said take fibercon. I did & still nothing. I called back & they added miralax. Finally after 2 days I had a small amount about the size o a little finger. I will feel like I’m going to & just gas & maybe a tiny amount. It’s been 2 weeks today since my FMT. It’s been 10 days since a complete BM. I’m calling my Dr this morning, but would like to have any suggestions or could I be in trouble. I’m very upset about it. I don’t want a prep like clean out because it could wash out my new FMT stool.

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I would call your doctor right away. You could have a blockage. Last June my son was in the hospital, part of his testing was a Colonoscopy. He had been on complete bed rest could only get up to sit on the commode beside his bed with the help of a nurse. Was on a liquid diet. They sent him home two days after his colonoscopy knowing he hadn’t moved his bowels. He went back in the hospital a day and a half latter. He was in the hospital for another week. His bowels were blocked. It took the surgeon coming in and going off on the hospital doctors before they finally gave him an eneima. He had just been diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholengitis and Crohn’s disease. If you have constant pain this needs to be taken care of immediately.

@sandyabbey I wish more people would give us updates about FMT. And I'm so sorry to hear that Dificid didn't work for you. After taking Flagyl, Vancomycin (twice) and Dificid last October, I had decided doing the FMT would be my next step. So far, so good, after taking the Dificid. I hadn't heard about constipation after doing the FMT. Have you been able to put some weight back on? You're so right when you say Cdiff is a monster. Every time I've had a cold this winter, I was afraid it would turn in to another sinus infection. And I'll never take Clindamycin again…. or any other antibiotic… if I can help it. I usually get UTI's, at least one a year, and I've been so careful trying to avoid getting one. I've even changed my soap to a ph balanced one.