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I have not been able to find the recorded session of this webinar. I am also interested in the amount of protection that the vaccine provides for us transplant patients, but I already know that I am unable/unqualified to even interpret my own lab results and I know that my results are a snapshot of present conditions.

However, in reading the reactions here, I am interested what anyone hopes to learn from their own antibody tests(?). Will the positive or negative antibodies change your behavior?

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Rosemary, that is really the question. The presenter in the webinar used the word "scary" several times until someone in the chat room wrote "Enough with the word scary". Our entire adventure has been filled with trepidations and bumps, yet here we are. The epidemiologists are looking at the disease and our transplant team looks to take care of us. That's where the rubber meets the road. I would continue to use precautions whether or not antibodies are present in my body; we don't know even about this virus yet to understand how long the antibodies last. That's a huge issue. I'll stay safe and my behavior will change incrementally as we learn more.

Hi Rosemary. I don't know if the recorded webinar is posted yet. I'm attaching the news release – research letter – on the actual report of the research. I needed my son to help decipher the math. ­čÖé