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Constant sinus

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I am so happy you replied! I’ve been to 17 ENT Drs.! Not enough ?I really have no life with this. I spend my day on the couch …. just breathing! I went to Penn ENT and Temple ENT. Also to Jefferson. I’ve had CT scans done. There’s nothing wrong in my nose/ sinus ! I wish there’d be at least a reason. I don’t know how I can keep this up? I’m wondering if a sinus research center could help? Ideas ?
Again….thank you!

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@naney-I’m so sorry you are experiencing this. 17 ENTs is a lot. Keep in mind ENTs are surgeons, first and foremost. It’s just the truth. They’re main goal is to find structure abnormalities. They will spend very little time if someone presents to them with something that seems irrelevant to them from a surgical perspective. Be thankful your scans show nothing. When you know the why behind something that can be most helpful. I would suggest seeing someone outside of the surgical world who can help you understand the sinus/nasal issues.There are many Naturalpaths who share an interest. There are many things that can cause an overproduction of mucous. Environmental irritants, Allergies, Weather, Stress, Hormones, Exercise, Diet, Hydration, Mold etc…The noses job is to produce mucous to protect many things. Nasal rinsing, hydration can help.

You will have better luck speaking with an allergist, natural path versus a surgeon.