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Constant sinus

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@naney Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You have been to 20 doctors and you still do not have a resolution to your sinus issue. It sounds like your sinus issue is greatly effecting your quality of life and feel desperate for answers.

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May I ask how many of the 20 doctors were ENT doctors, what kinds of diagnostics were done, and were any of the doctor visits at a specialist or teaching hospital?

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I am so happy you replied! I’ve been to 17 ENT Drs.! Not enough ?I really have no life with this. I spend my day on the couch …. just breathing! I went to Penn ENT and Temple ENT. Also to Jefferson. I’ve had CT scans done. There’s nothing wrong in my nose/ sinus ! I wish there’d be at least a reason. I don’t know how I can keep this up? I’m wondering if a sinus research center could help? Ideas ?
Again….thank you!

@nanny Thanks Erika for giving me this opportunity to talk with nanny about this issue. Nanny do you have any ear issues? WHen I was sent to a ventibular ear specialist it was because of not only a lot of nasal drainage but dizziness . Nothing was found but my ENT did tell me to use a saline wash in my nose and gave me some ear exercises to do . I don't know if these would help you but with my problem it did help. I still have some nasal drainage thick at times but its when I also have a head cold to clear up . But I still wash out my sinuses most days in morning before I eat .