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You are missing my point!!!!!! I will follow up with my transplant team BUT the question is —Because I was transplanted in a different hospital Will the mayo clinic perform a biopsy if I need one or do I have to go where I was transplanted in NY.

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@bosco17, Sorry you are frustrated not getting a specific answer to your question but no one on Connect can answer your question. The only person or persons who can give you an answer is your Mayo Clinic care team which is why @colleenyoung and @rosemarya suggested that you contact them through your Mayo Clinic patient portal. I use the patient portal all the time for different concerns that I have and they are very responsive. Hope this helps…

@bosco17, I am aware that different transplant centers might have different criteria and rules that they follow in regards to their transplant patients. In my situation, my transplant team is at Mayo. I live 800 miles away and my local provider has on occasion been requested by my transplant team to schedule a test or procedure at a local facility. It is a cooperative effort between medical professionals. It works for me so I don't have to travel between my annual post transplant evaluations.

@bosco17 Your team at Mayo Clinic will be the best ones to answer that for you. I can tell you my husband's experience. He had a kidney transplant at Scripps Green Hospital in La Jolla [CA] on 10/1/16. He had been going there each year for his annual evaluation and checkup. This year, he has now relocated to southern Oregon, so the transplant center at Good Samaritan in Portland [OR] is now handling his case, and requested his records from Scripps. When he went for his first visit there in early Sept, their protocol is to do a biopsy on his native kidney, which was different from the former protocol. Biopsies are not an everyday occurrence, so I would check with your team and ask their approach to your situation.