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Purple blotches after light scratching

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Hi all, thank you for your prompt replies. My purple skin doesn’t itch or is irritating. I feel completely fine apart from the colour change. I’ve not been diagnosed with a skin condition although it’s likely because I have not brought this up with a doctor before. I usually bruise easily (I’m only 23) and when someone grabs my hand, that bruise stays there for 5 days. I’ve been taking supplements for vitamin D, C and K2.

Yes, perhaps I was scratching harder than I realised, but I was only scratching for like 30sec. I was also scratching my arms and I can see a light purple track (way way lighter) on my left arm. Why I was scratching.. I think it’s mostly a force of habit. My skin wasn’t annoyingly itchy or anything.

I’ve not introduced any new items in my life (not anything obvious that I can think of). I’ve been using the same laundry detergent and soap as I’ve been for the past 2 months.

Medical history: my mom also gets bruises easily. Esp as she gets older (she’s now 52) she bruises from trying to open a food tin can. She has hyperthyroidism (apparently hereditary) and as a result has kidney stones that she’s been getting treatment for (not sure if this is relevant at all but I’ve put it as I might have the genes for it too).

I’ve called a non-emergency number and the local clinic but due to Covid, my appointment is only going to be in 10 days.

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@ts001 Good to hear you have an appointment soon! Ask for a complete blood workup if it is not offered. Given your mother's history with a similar issue, you may have a medical issue to be addressed. Please come back and let us know what you find out! My curiosity has been peaked!

Yes I scratched mine and it turned red with purple border never in my life I’ve experienced this this on the outside of my knee