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Incisional hernia after transplant: Anyone else?

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It sounds like you were hit with some unplanned surprises after the transplant surgery. Were there complications involved with the surgery that caused the necessity of such measures for your recovery? When I went in to surgery I had been forewarned that sometimes interventions could be involved.

Please don't fight the tubes. They are there for your health and safety. We are all different and thank goodness that our transplant team recognizes that.
I learned to text on my flip phone when I was in the hospital. And when my strength returned, I enjoyed the laptop which had previously been too heavy for my lap before the transplant.

Hope all goes smoothly for you. Be kind to yourself, and hope that you get lots of rest. My mom used to tell us kids, that we healed while we rested.
I'm available anytime if you want to chat or if you need a shoulder to lean on.

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Yes, my experience at the hospital was not pleasant at all. Because I could not talk, it was horrible when I needed to tell nurse something and it took a long time to get me a pad so I could write. I fell out of an ICU bed hooked to tubes all over me, hit my head really hard but if u roll out of bed how does one land flat on the back of my head? I had
A big lump for two weeks I could not lay flat on my head, had to have a roll up towel in back of my neck….flat foot I developed in there is really dangerous for me
Have to walk with a cane,getting a brace in a few days, cause if my foot and ankle giving out,I fell
Last Sunday pretty bad had to go to hospital cause my nose was so
Big and out if wack thought it broke, face looks like someone hit
Me with a baseball bat !!! Some
Nurses should b working in a junk yard. I wrote a letter of complaint
Especially on my fall,want to know who was the nurse on duty,happened around 11:30pm.so I am very nervous about going back,but if I have any problem I
Want to b able to speak up for myself…..have to b your advocate
Or have someone there with u