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Incisional hernia after transplant: Anyone else?

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Hello my angel...thanks for your reply.
Yes my surgery will b at same hosp I had my transplant, and same surgeon
Will do surgery as she did for my transplant. I go back to NY in May for
A MRI on belly then surgery will b
Scheduled after that I assume. I am writing a letter to the surgeon with my wishes such as no tubes in throat after I come out of surgery, I want to talk this time, and stop giving me Tylenol
For any pain...does not work on me .
And I come home in 5 days ..not
negotiable ! I am trying to state my
Concerns, like I was blindsided the
First time waking up not being able to talk for a week and my stay 2 months...bullcrap to it all...yes my brother will take me and maybe one of my friends too. But I have my little
Fur love home so my brother needs to
go back and take care of my fur baby
As long as I can talk and have my phone I will b fine..... thanks again🤗

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It sounds like you were hit with some unplanned surprises after the transplant surgery. Were there complications involved with the surgery that caused the necessity of such measures for your recovery? When I went in to surgery I had been forewarned that sometimes interventions could be involved.

Please don't fight the tubes. They are there for your health and safety. We are all different and thank goodness that our transplant team recognizes that.
I learned to text on my flip phone when I was in the hospital. And when my strength returned, I enjoyed the laptop which had previously been too heavy for my lap before the transplant.

Hope all goes smoothly for you. Be kind to yourself, and hope that you get lots of rest. My mom used to tell us kids, that we healed while we rested.
I'm available anytime if you want to chat or if you need a shoulder to lean on.