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Incisional hernia after transplant: Anyone else?

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@jackie421blfdgurl, How are you getting on while waiting for your surgery?

You mentioned in another discussion that you needed daily naps and I want to share that I also needed naps in the afternoon. Gradually my naps became shorter, and then not necessary everyday. However, I always permit myself to a good nap when my body tells me to slow down. Even now, after 12 years since my transplant and recovery, I like to treat myself to a good nap, sometimes I even plan my daily activities around it! I hope that you are also able to work a nap into your day when you feel you need one. I wonder if your energy will pick up after your hernia repair and recovery.

I had a surgical procedure at my transplant hospital after my 1st year of transplant. I was treated by my transplant team as they were the ones to diagnose my problem. My transplant surgeon was even the one who performed the surgery, and that made me real comfortable going into it. A real treat for me was to re-connect with some of the nursing staff on the transplant floor! It was like a reunion because I had spent so much time on that floor before and during my transplant. We had a few days to catch up on big events like my recovery and adventures, marriages, babies, etc.

I am sending my thoughts and wishes for a successful surgery and a comfortable recovery. I am here if you would like to chat or if there is any way I can help you to prepare for your visit.
Will your surgery be at your transplant hospital while you are doing your check up? Will you be able to have someone with you?

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Hi Rosemary…how are you? I
Think of all the people connected to this mayo clinic
Website, and pray all is ok.
It has been one month and
13 days since my surgery. I stayed a little longer than I
Would wanted, but came down C-DIFF….more antibiotics…most important, I walk everyday at least 3 to 6 miles a day with my little booboo…and keeping my appointments with my docs.
Still soar, still cannot sleep on
Either side, but feel like it is on
The way…. after I walk or do things around the house, I need to lay down…..you all
Have a good week….

Hi Rosy..thank y for thinking about me during my second crappy trip to the OR!!!!
How r u? How did your ck up go? Mine went well.dr.keeps an eye on kidneys.they don't like
Tacrolimus..oh well ! I hope all members r doing well….still want to get that bus trip going!!u take care…😁