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Request for appointment

Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) | Last Active: Dec 20, 2020 | Replies (5)

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Thank you for responding. And unfortunately you are correct. You have not answered my question. I appreciate the offer to connect me with other patients suffering from achalasia. But I contacted Mayo Clinic to be “connected” with a medical specialist who TREATS patients. I followed Mayo Clinic’s online process to make an appointment. And the experience being labeled “demoralizing” would be giving that central administration team member too much credit. After that experience what is clear is that there is a lack of training, compassion and understanding with Mayo Clinic’s central administration team. I say that because the team member ask me what insurance I had. I said I had United HealthCare Plan G and Medicare. That is when I was told, “you know we charge an additional 15%” above the 80% that Medicare covers and the 20% that your insurance may cover? And I ask what is the 15% for. The team member couldn’t tell me. The team member said, “contact your insurance, and they will explain it. Well I contacted my insurance. They told me any services would be covered by Medicare 80%, and United HealthCare 20% which would be 100% of Mayo Clinic’s services. What is the “additional 15%”? And if it is known then why can’t the team member explain the “additional 15%” reasoning versus discouraging potential patients. I called Mayo Clinic because I have a serious problem. Fifteen percent does not matter when my life is in danger.

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@gsl346, I hope you will contact the Office of Patient Experience. They are there to help facilitate getting the answers you deserve. Here's how to contact them https://www.mayoclinic.org/about-mayo-clinic/patient-experience