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My spouse tested positive, now what?

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@tari4me, My husband had mild cough, no fever, and got tested, just in case. 3 days later he got the positive results and he decided to retest because he was not confident of the way the first test was handled. I am a transplant recipient and immunocompromised. I got my test right after he got his positive results and I waited 2 days to get my negative results.
Our local health department was in contact with us, asked who he had contact with, and monitored us. They called daily. I had to quarantine for 14 days after his positive result. He had to isolate (separate bedroom, bathroom, avoiding common areas,masking if we were in same area of house, and wiping down every surface. Our home has a lower level, and he stayed downstairs, except for going to the dining room for a meal that I had prepared for him. I did not let him in "my" safe kitchen! I lived on the upper level.
He was cleared from isolation on day 10 after his symptoms appeared, but had to quarantine (stay home) until I was unquarantined.
We were quarantined over the Thanksgiving week, and feel fortunate that we are both back to normal now.
The CDC has recently changed the guidelines for quarantine, so check with your state and/or local health department for the current policy where you live. Your employer needs to know.
I hope you are negative, nd that your wife has an easy case, as did my husband.

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@rosemarya, While I regret you and your husband had to quarantine over the holiday, I am so glad you are both back to normal now! I also appreciate what you shared about the precautions you took while being quarantined at home together.

Our little 10 yr old tested positive for Covid in the summer and like you, his brother and parents tested twice and both times had a negative result. They also have a bedroom/bath on the basement floor and the family practiced the same precautions as you. Thankfully, his case was mild but I think the precautions taken by the rest of the family may have well prevented the others getting the virus. His mom took his meals to him and spent some time with him downstairs but I salute both you and my little family for taking the safety measures you took!

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