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Healing osteoporosis without medication

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Well…..not exactly to heal osteoporosis, but to improve…..yes. I eat yogurt every day, with fruit, low carbs, good protein, take daily Centrum Silver for Women, Super B Complex, D3, Zinc, Citrical or a calcium supplement. AND, I use water therapy 2-3X daily in a pool for conditioning, exercise. That is probably the best suggestion you can try, if your doctor approves. My doc said I have to do that for the rest of my life…I consider that a direct order from someone who knows me and my body and wants my best. So, I do it. I love it. I'm stronger, have less pain, move better. I walk in the water-sideways/backwards/front, do marching, use water barbells. Simple, easy and lots of hard work to feel and be better. It works wonders for me. Wishing you well!

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@ess77, I am taking a one yr sabbatical from Reclast and have been struggling with non-prescribed meds to keep my bones as healthy and strong as possible during these interim months. I do most of what you shared but the water therapy would be a greatly welcomed addition to my healthy bones regimen.

I know that weight bearing exercises are encouraged for osteoporosis patients but hadn't considered the water therapy. We have a p.t. facility near my home that offers water therapy. Think I'll give them a call and see if they require a doc's order to be eligible. You may have given me a new challenge to undertake for 2021 and I am eager to pursue this! Thank you!

My personal challenge for 2019 was to see if I could go 12 mos without purchasing a single piece of wearing apparel. Fulfilling that challenge led me to set walking 3 days/week on specific days as my 2020 challenge. So far, so good on that one too! Have been mulling a good challenge for the upcoming year and think your post has pointed me in the best direction!! Yay!

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