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Thank you for sharing your story. I was sent to a cardiologist 2.5 years ago. She said I had SVT and an enlarged atrial. She must be related to Salesman Sam because she insisted (pen in hand practically) that I have a loop recorder inserted, and put me on Diltiazem. That was over two years ago and I've never received a summary or update to the info they collect and analyze each week. When I call to ask, I am told, "no news is good news". I am seeing a new cardiologist on Monday to find out exactly what is going on with my heart and whether I need to keep this device in my body – does it serve a purpose. Anyone have a loop recorder, and if so, do you get any reports or information from it?

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@kelton. I had a loop recirder

Ablations are close to the top procedures re 💲🤑💰for doctors and hospitals. As always "follow the money." If I had to have one I would find the absolute BEST hospitals that have done thousands of the procedures. Re Salesman Sam, He gave me no information re his experience, track record, or ANYTHING. Just "sign here."

FYI, I know no one wants to have a battle to get their information, that being said there is case law that has established that "ALL" data and information recorded via loop recorders, pace makers, monitors of any kind is the "PROPERTY" of the person that the device is implanted and or monitoring….I did exercise some of this to get my files and records…..and thank god i did….I have used them for all my other treatments…..hope everyone has a great holiday season…be safe.

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