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Rosemary, Volunteer Mentor (@rosemarya)

Organ Donation and Transplant: What is Your story?

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What a miracle. My husband went through the same steps as you for 3 and half years. October 7th he received his new heart and we felt so blessed. He was home in 10 days after surgery and we were on our way to recovery. As his caregiver I had no idea what I was in for. We have always been close and really loved being with each other, and I imagined it would be the same after the new heart. I suddenly realized that his life was now in my hands and I had to follow medication instructions and food instructions by the book. The first couple of days of was a nervous wreck, but finally got into the rhythm of the meds and watching what I cooked and served him. He is diabetic and of course he craves sugar or anything sweet and crunchy. On Prednisone his craving became worse and all of a sudden I became Nurse Kratcit on withholding sweets. We had a few talks on the issue but when the craving came there was no stopping him. Finally in the last couple of days I have been showing him the pattern of his blood gluose since he started wanting sugar-free cookies (no such thing but if they say sugar free he believes it). He has finally realized the difference in his blood gluose before and after the 2 cookie binges and he came around. He is doing well and very happy with the Mayo Transplant Team. Hoping for a speedy recovery and keeping his vitals where they need to be. Thanks for your story.

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@jstoll, I would love to hear more of your story as a caregiver, caring for your husband while waiting for a heart to be available, getting the call, waiting during surgery and the care at home now. What's it like being bedside and involved?

@jstoll Congratulations on the new Heart That's awesome. Hang in there tho the first 6 months will be a challenge with all the appointments and biopsies. But life will settle down pretty quickly. My wife also went thru what life would be like going forward. But it will become so routine after a while you won't even notice it. Any questions come up please ask.