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So I got an MRI and got the results back today. The MRI was of the bony pelvis and only a 1.5T machine. Here's what they found:

"Mild scarring of the subcutaneous tissues overlying the left iliac crest with small osseous defect at the margin of the lower portion of the sacroiliac joint on the iliac side likely reflective of the harvest tract. Mild associated increased signal at this site likely reflects granulation tissue but there is no discrete abnormality present. No hematoma or other abnormality is noted."

I got an Ultrasound done ( yes, I feel bad about getting so many tests) and this is what they said:
"FINDINGS: Small cutaneous defect superficial to the lateral margin of the sacrum which correlates with small scar at the previous biopsy device insertion site. There is a linear hypoechoic defect within the gluteal and paraspinal musculature deep to the skin incision compatible with the biopsy tract. No fluid collection identified to suggest hematoma. The sciatic nerve is identified and appeared morphologically normal"

I don't really hear back from my doctor – but I'm having a hard time figuring out what this all means. The Ultrasound makes it sound like there was a muscle tear in the paraspinal and gluteal muscle, but they haven't compared this to the other side. The MRI makes it sound like the muscles look fine, but the there is scar tissue of the fasicia. Knowing exactly what the injury is that I'm feeling would help me in figuring out regenerative medicine to choose.

Can someone provide input into this?

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@gmill123, I'm afraid interpreting imaging studies is above my pay grade. When do you have an appointment to discuss the findings with your doctor or specialist?

Good to hear from you as I’ve been wondering how you’re fairing with your symptoms. It’s great you’ve gotten the much needed diagnostics. Both were necessary to get a comprehensive picture of what’s causing your pain. Generally after the results have been returned there’s a follow up consultation with the doctor who ordered the tests. If you haven’t received a date for that, it might be in your best interest to call the office and schedule a consult. You don’t have to wait for them to call you. Even a tiny tear in the muscles mentioned in the report can cause a great deal of discomfort as they are in major movement areas and scar tissue can impair proper muscle movement. Whether it’s cause and effect from the aspiration or coincidental with the Ironman training, it would be good to sit down with the doctor to get some much needed answers. Also, some PT might be suggested to help with proper healing. Best wishes going forward! Keep in touch as it’s important to see how this gets resolved.

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