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that's quite a few biopsies! Do you get them done from the same spot? the pain is a deep ache – it feels as if I had the procedure done yesterday.

Unfortunately, I can't speak to the doctor who did the procedure. It was at his private clinic and he's frustrated with me for asking so many questions so he's refused to work with me any longer.

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Seems to me you need to consult with another doctor.

After my biopsy in 2011 which proved I had MF, I had an appointment with the consultant. She offered me the chemo tablet. I said, "No thank you, I cannot believe that something which does so much harm can be good for one!" She 'sacked' me on the spot. (Just as well). My GP, a fine man, got me another consultant and later I saw another who is very good. He accepts I am using natural supplements – with the help of a medical herbalist. He also said recently, in front of a student. "Whatever you are doing, keep on doing it. It is working. You are unusually stable!"

All my biopsies were for diagnosis and progress Updates with my treatments of Acute Myeloid Leukemia and subsequent SCT. From what I’m reading about your experience I’d also recommend a change in treatment centers. I guess I’m not understanding who secured your stem cells for treatment. Will you be having a stem cell transplant? Cell harvesting is generally completed under the supervision of a stem cell/bone marrow transplant team. They’re dedicated to your treatment, care and education. If you’re not getting the answers you deserve then definitely seek expertise elsewhere. We ask a lot of questions of my team if concerns pop up and never dismissed out of hand. I’m so sorry you’re having a negative experience.