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Hi – Thank you for this.

No, I just had a bone marrow aspiration completed to bank stem cells for future use. I'm worried I had some permenant damage and I am not receiving adequate care from any doctor and I have to wait 2 months before I can get in to see a specialist.

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Hello @gmill123,

I'm sorry to hear of the difficult time you are having recovering from the bone marrow aspiration. I'm sure that the recovery time is different for every person, however, if you cannot get in to see a specialist prior to 2 months, I would be inclined to call the office of the doctor who performed the aspiration and talk to a nurse or a PA and ask about the pain you are experiencing.

I'm assuming that you are talking about pain, however, are there other symptoms that you are experiencing as well? I'm thinking about a fever, chills, or something else.

Hi Gmill,
Sorry to hear about your problems post the bone marrow biopsy. I’ve had 3 thus far, to detect and access the state of my disease – I have multiple myeloma. I have experienced soreness and pain post aspiration that lasted couple days to a week max. Reading your experience, it would be best to consult a specialist that really understands the procedure and your problem. Also, Since you are training for Ironman, I’m assuming you have a rigorous exercise routine – does that have anything to do with the discomfort?