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Meningioma showing signs of re-growth

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I saw my neurosurgeon today, Nov 2nd. My meningioma tumor is growing causing headaches and more vision loss in my left eye. My neurosurgeon is surprised that the tumor grew that much in just 2 years after craniotomy.

My Dr recommends Gamma Knife radiation or an aggressive 2nd surgery. My tumor is wrapped around my carotid artery and optic nerve but he wants to try and remove most of it. He said it would be a risky surgery with possible brain bleed or stroke.

He said that the tumor will not shrink with the radiation but will stabilize it. I am leaning towards the Gamma Knife but wanted some advice.

I have headaches everyday, would the radiation help with the headaches since it's not shrinking the tumor? Will the tumor still grow after radiation at some point and if so can I do radiation again?? I'm just a little overwhelmed at the moment and just need some advice from people who have gone through this.

Thanks for listening
Mandy Rector

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@mrector It sounds like you saw your neurosurgeon early due to experiencing more visions loss and headaches. Your doctor recommends Gamma Knife but it is a risky surgery.

That sounds like an extremely difficult decision to make. You are feeling overwhelmed and you need advice from people that have gone through something similar. Listed below are a few discussions that you may find of interest.

– Gamma knife treatment in 2018 for meningioma around the optic area https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/gamma-knife-treatment-in-2018-for-meningioma-around-the-optic-area/

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– Cerebral amyloid angiopathy https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/cerebral-amyloid-angiopathy/

@nanatessie @pegorr @jill333 @jmb73 are all active members that have been part of these discussions in the past. They may be helpful in navigating your difficult decision.

May I ask, do you have loved ones that are helping you make this decision?

Hi Mandy, I am so sorry that you are going through so much. I was lucky as my neurosurgeon gave me all the choices but strongly recommended Gamma surgery. I was told it wouldn't shrink the tumor but would stop it from growing. I just had my 1 year MRI and it has gone from long and skinny to short and fat (like Me)! I have had no problems after the Gamma Surgery. Before I had it done, I researched the recommended neurosurgeon and he was/is the Director of the Gamma Surgery Dept. So I went with what he felt was best. Jill, another member of this group, "walked me through it". So if you decide to have Gamma surgery, I would be happy to "walk you through" it. Take care. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Joan