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Cataract surgery and map dot dystrophy

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I have corneal dystrophy in both eyes and cataracts as well. Four years ago I was told I needed to have the dystrophy taken care of before cataract surgery. He kindly told me how painful a process it was so I declined. Well my vision has gotten worse from the cataracts so I went back to him this year. To my surprise, he told me the dystrophy had improved and I don't need the surgery! Tomorrow I am having cataract surgery on my worst eye and am looking forward to being able to read normal size print. My surgeon does both surgeries . He also told me if the dystrophy gets worse after the cataract surgery he can still take care of it. Is it possible for you to find a surgeon who does both?

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@barbbie Congratulations on having improvement and not needing your cornea dystrophy fixed at this time! That is a great break. I'm really excited for you to have cataract surgery and a whole new world of vision. There's the cherry on top! 😃 Best of luck to you.

Glad your dystrophy improved. My dystrophy manifested itself on my right eye after I had an ocular lens put on my cornea for a laser ablation procedure a year ago. My surgeon removed the epithelial cells, and as your surgeon said it was very painful. He did my first cataract on the same yet. He no longer does cataract surgery but his partners do, so yes they can do both surgeries. I just finished an annual checkup and the dystrophy in my right eye has healed and is no longer a problem. The left eye still has some dystrophy and I am choosing to wait as you did. I will get a second opinion from a corneal specialist before I have any future surgery.