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Thyroid hormone levels crazy

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I have had hypothyroidism for years and before we had a handle on it I put on a lot of weight and fast. All the medication did was steady my weight. It doesn't decrease or increase. I've always been weary of diabetes because it runs in my family, my bio mother has it as well as her mother.

My doctor isn't having me watch my diet or blood glucose levels. He did check my A1C and that's when he diagnosed me with diabetes. I'm depressed and upset so I really haven't been doing anything to help my health.

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I understand how feeling depressed and upset can have have the effect of lethargy, resulting in your not really doing anything to help yourself. It's really tough to accept a diagnosis – any diagnosis. And even harder still to make changes to our lifestyles. You've reached out, so that's a big step to move from denial to acceptance (with reluctance I'm sure, but still the right direction). It takes time. Small steps count.

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