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@cyd I am sorry I am behind in Connect post. I had to put my mom in a hospice facility yesterday.

Everything is provided for her in the facility... but to be in such a facility they have to be at end of life. I think estimated 3 months. We could have had home hospice but they do not provide 24 hour care (we would have to hire a sitter and we do not have money enough for that). I and my husband are not able to do the diaper changes. We had a hard time when she was in them last year.. I have arthritis in my hands. We finally found some pull-ups that were great that even worked for night with only an occasional leak. It was cheaper to buy them online than at the local medical supply stores or any retail store. Mama was able to go to the bathroom during the day, but sometimes could not hold it long enough to get there. So we were not going through as many as you might. We had washable pads to go under her to catch any leakage.

You have had some good advice. You might also want to check with your local Easter Seal facility... someone may have donated their remaining supply to help others. There was a group on facebook where people either had leftover supplies to either sell or give away a few years back.. sometimes those groups come and go. There may be other groups that could be found on an internet search.

I had a feeding tube myself for a little over a year. I had supplies left over. I think it was more than one case of formula and several of the bags for the formula and water. I gave them to Easter Seals. A six year old boy was helped by the formula and an elderly lady got the bags.

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@fourof5zs I am sorry to hear you have had to place your mom into hospice. It is not an easy decision, to be sure, and you must be exhausted mentally and emotionally. Your input here is greatly appreciated!

@cyd How are you doing these days? Have you been able to track down any sources that be of assistance for your loved one?