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Issues after H.pylori treatment

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Hi @mary0thomas, I wanted to take a moment and welcome you to Mayo Clinic Connect. Thanks for joining. I'd like to tag a few people to join your conversation about H. pylori and the effects of antibiotics in the body and digestive issues. @guthealth, @oldkarl, @nova1976, @lateacher, @astaingegerdm, @saucy, and @haighsue. Not all have had H. Pylori, but they have all suffered similar digestive issues.

Mayo Clinic's, Amy S. Oxentenko, M.D., has a very interesting video presentation on the topic of H Pylori. Here is the link to this video presentation,
There are also some other conversations about H. Pylori that have since died down a little, but you might want to take a gander at them to see if there is any helpful information. https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/hpylori-bacteria/
I had a very similar experience with food after a stomach surgery that I had. Some days I can eat certain things and other days that same item will make me very sick. Do you have this issue? Can you occasionally eat something that you normally could not?

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Thank you for your really helpful response Amanda. To your question at the end I’d like to say sort of. Sometimes a food will give me dis-pleasantness but it may be manageable enough in a social setting. Other times I may eat very little of the food and within ten minutes I will be experiencing the severe symptoms and using the restroom around five times until my system calms down. It has made the issue of trial and error with learning which foods to avoid much harder. Out of the twenty horrible experiences with food, there will be the four manageable ones that I’ll have that make me want to risk it. It’s difficult being a college student and avoiding so much of the foods that are commonly had. I did research about the after affects of the antibiotics I had and it said that the symptoms varied because there was still research being done. There was sufficient enough evidence to imply that a loss of tolerance to different kinds of foods was possible and reported by some patients, but there was nothing conclusive that I could find. My concern is that my follow up wasn’t really in depth and didn’t give me any information concerning h.pylori and any kind of expectations and care. There was only one follow up and I assume that the doctor assumed that my continued pain and inability to eat certain foods was due to the medication. It’s been so long though now and I am still experiencing the issues that have come after taking the medication. I don’t know if this implies that I need a different perspective from another doctor, or that I just need a dietician visit. The doctor had shown no concern for a regrowth of the h.pylori despite the doctors from the colonoscopy saying that I’ve had the infection for a long time and that they were shocked that I didn’t come in sooner. I also had a herniated disk and a full line back fracture at the time that took a year to diagnose and I played collegiate sports throughout that time (unaware). I basically state this to say that I have a rather high pain tolerance and a horrible sense of knowing when to go to the doctor.