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Hi @karaf8 , did you have some sort of episode (DVT or PE) and that's how you found out? I think it's normal to feel that it's life changing, and it is, but that said I'm in my mid 50's and I've had it my whole life but I just didn't know it. A lot depends on if you have other things going on also, to determine how much daily impact you may experience. I just wanted to post and say you can indeed have a happy and full life. I remember when I heard the news too, but there's lots you can do to minimize risks and that's what I'm trying to focus on. I figure I beat the odds twice (first time I was not treated long term as we didn't know I had the condition) andI'm still here. It's a gift to be alive and I'm determined to live life with that focus. Hang in there!

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yes i had 5 dvt’s and two large burden bilateral PE’s. i guess “devastated” is a strong description. But it was upsetting. i’m feeling pretty good after treatment and doctor wants me on blood thinners for life , i’m more like having ptsd from my episode my hope was because they took me off the birth control pills would make my risk go back to normal. Knowing that i’m high risk regardless is a mental challenge

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