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Thanks @arlene7 for giving this overview of your experience. I also want to link to the "companion" discussion here:
– Anyone taken Evenity (romosozumab) for Osteoporosis? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/evenity-osteoporosis/

I'd appreciate your returning to this discussion to provide an update as you continue to receive injections of the next year. Did you ultimately get approval from your insurance to cover this drug?

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I discovered I have osteoporosis, and began treatment after having a compression fracture from skiing – something that normally would not have caused a fracture – in T 12. Very painful, but I recovered on my own without treatment. I was motivated to treat my osteoporosis after that!
I started Evenity injections in February, 2022. They are given in fatty part of upper arm, your abdomen or thighs. I try to rotate where they are given.
I usually have some soreness and redness for a day or so – sometimes not much, other times more.
I have no history of stroke or heart attack so hoping I don't have any problems with that.
I wonder if the risk returns to previous level once I complete the 12 monthly injections?
I will have a dexa-scan at some point to see my results and to determine whether I start prolia or reclast as a maintenance therapy. I am generally healthy and exercise regularly – so this was a surprise for me.

I posted a new comment on this thread today, but not sure if this is the correct place for what I posted. Please review my post — if necessary relocate to a better location. Let me know if you do that, please.

The subject of my post was: results of taking Evenity for 18 months.

My insurance approved Evenity. UHC part F.
I was on it for a year and had no side effects. Unfortunately my DXA scan showed no improvement. Then I had an injection of Reclast and am still having severe pain in both legs months later. I started with Tymlos. I still have severe osteoporosis and don’t want to try anything else. My body has not responded. Very frustrating to say the least.