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@arlene7. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Evenity. I noted the statement about "everything" has side effects. I think that is true and the challenge becomes to make sure Evenity or other bone medications don't have an interaction with our current drugs or treatments. I also have an allergy to sulfa drugs…..so you did have and now it is possible that you will not have an allergic reaction to sulfa. No more rolling on the carpet naked to take care of the itching. Now that I have the neuropathic itch, I don't need anything else.

Arlene, there is one question about Evenity, I think many of us would like to hear. How long do you take Evenity? 2 years? And then what? I always want to know what comes next to protect the bone that is developed.

You have my good wishes for a helpful outcome. Please check in with us as you begin this journey. You have persevered beautifully. Now all you have to do is share …….. not a bad deal.

Be safe and protected from inner and outer harm.

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Can you clarify is there is Sulfa in Evenity? Thanks!

It was interesting to read everyone’s experiences. I began treatment in November, 2021 and have completed 6 months of the year long plan. My side affects are mostly of swelling at the injection site in my arms and fatigue the day after. I’ve found using massage, heat packs, and sometimes lavender oil to help the medication disperse more quickly. My left arm seems to hold the fluid longer which accounts for the different methods to help with the swelling and fluid dispersement. In general I feel great. Like many of you, my spine is the main reason I began this protocol and hope it is successful. I’ll continue to check back to see how our journeys are progressing.

Actually you take evenity for one year and then it's followed up by an infusion It's a drug that they want to use for me that's inserted into my vein for 3 minutes but takes 45 minutes cuz they want it to go in slow This happens once a year. So far I'm trying to get past the fact that taking evenity maybe painful and swell up my arms

I believe you can only use Evenity for 1 yr . That is what my endocronolgist said . I will be going on Prolia after that .