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Surgery during covid-19

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That is amazing! A couple of years ago I asked my team about dropping prednisone but since I am on a really low (5mg/day) for the last forty years they asked " is the risk worth it to you?" Have no physical side affects and I am aware of long term affects but decided to leave things as is! I really don't get sick that often. 40 years out I still watch what I eat and keep active. It seems to have worked. My kidney is now 91 years old from my dad who passed in 2007. Miss him but blessed that a part of him is still a live in me. After knee recovery Jackie & I hope yo go camping with the grandchildren and I would like to get back to shepherding with our German shepherd

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@guidant07, You and your dad share the ultimate father-son relationship. What an honor for him to have witnessed your improved life after your transplant while he was still alive.
Now that I know that your dad was your donor, I think I can understand why you don't need additional immuno-suppression medications like I do. Mine was from a stranger and not a perfect match.

I don't know when Mayo (or anyone) started doing living kidney transplants, do you?

Hi,@guidant07. How are you doing since your knee surgery? You said that you were looking forward to camping.. My son and his wife and daughter are finding that campgrounds are too crowded on weekends, so they are arranging schedules for weekday overnights in nearby areas. They even bought a canoe since they found a camping area on a lake. Have you and your wife been able to do any camping?

@guidant07, Have you ever thought about sharing the story of your kidney transplant and your dad who was your living donor? I have started a new transplant Discussion – Organ Donation and Transplant: What is Your story? You can read the directions in the discussion opening and in my first post where I list some directions and questions to get you started. In my role as a mentor, I would be happy to assist you. You can contact me by Private Message and let me know.

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