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Teresa, Volunteer Mentor (@hopeful33250)

Fodmap Eating Plan

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@hopeful33250 @thull – The FODMAP diet was part of my Mayo evaluation to find out if my diet caused my symptoms.
I stayed on it for a few weeks only – there was not any change. It was easy for me to follow- it included many of the foods I could eat.

I don’t do well at all with high fiber- I can have a small slice of whole grain bread, but prefer white bread!
! It is also difficult for me to digest beef. I still eat it, but small amounts. I take a supplement with it- Iberogast- recommended by Mayo GI. It does help with the digestion. In general, I feel better eating very small servings of any meat.

I don’t have any other restrictions. However, I’m lactose intolerant. Lately I take a Lactaid pill with pizza- makes a difference.
I find it easier to eat similar food daily, because then I don’t have to worry.

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@astaingegerdm I agree with the small servings of any meat. Poultry and fish settle the best for me. So far I feel better with the gluten restriction. I may keep that part of the diet. When I looked at the foods on the high fodmap list (foods to avoid) I realized that a lot of those foods I have been avoiding for a long time because they would cause discomfort. I also don't mind eating the same things on a regular basis. There is no guesswork that way. Given the results so far, I may be on to something here.