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Thank you, Tammi. I am actually far from the Mayo Rochester where the recipient is. So, it may not be possible for him to come to my appointments. (He has close relatives in MN so we may try.) I don't have any hesitations about donating. Good to know about the possible impacts on my kids.

One question I do have is regarding the evaluation process and how long that takes. Since I'm on the west coast, I wondered if some of the tests can be done locally or if it can be done all at once within a couple of days. I am thinking about calling the hospital to ask these questions, just for planning purposes.

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They may have a sister site where they're able to do your testing local to you. At least the preliminary testing to see if you're a match. If you're coming from out of state for the more advanced testing, they will schedule you some long days (if that's the case I would encourage you not to have the kiddos with). There's a whole separate scheduling system for transplants that is very friendly in my experience. Make sure you let them know what your desires are and they try to work with them in mind. My husband never came to any appointments or even to my surgery (he came to the hospital to take me home that's a requirement for whomever you list as your caregiver). If you're flying in you might need to choose a caregiver wherever you are staying since you will be unable to fly for 1 week.

I was evaluated to see if I could donate part of my liver to my husband. My eval was done at Mayo Rochester and took about 3 days I believe. If you talk to them you could possibly have some testing done near you and have the results sent to them. I'd had my mammogram and a colonoscopy done, so I didn't need to have those repeated.