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Mercy and Quality of Life vs Quantity of Life

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@gingerw, Ginger, I cannot thank you enough for your speedy and so helpful response. I googled the POLST and then a site listed for the form accepted in Texas. It is called: Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST). I have printed out a copy to take to my friend, Fred's house and also the same form for both TX and CO to add to my End of Life File for daughter. The website that lists state-by-state POLST documents is: https://www.everplans.com/articles/state-by-state-polst-forms .

I, too, have done the 5 Wishes and included it in the file above. However, my estate atty. said it was questionable about its being a success if legally challenged in TX. At least it can be supportive to the other legal documents drawn up.

Thank you, @lioness, for your warm and comforting posts as well, Linda. The comforting words mean so much because I only feel safe sharing my concerns and some of my feelings with my daughter and friend's cousin. Too often we have all experienced well intentioned words from others meant to comfort but can lead to more distress. This is too deeply personal and I'm feeling far too vulnerable to take that risk.

My one advice to All, especially during this troubling time of the COVID virus is to take the time, make the effort Now to put your financial security and end-of-life wishes, Durable POA, Living Will, Will, and other emergency instructions in order legally and officially with notarized copies to those in charge so that in an emergency, your medical, financial, and family teams can clearly know and implement your desires.

At the time my friend and her guy made out their wills and medical POA's they had no clue that their lives could later be so destructively impacted by a very mentally unstable, irrational daughter. The current atty failed them dismally and we now fear that it may be too late to even change the medical living will instructions. If so, the daughter could probably prevent access by our guy and instate herself as the only in-hospital family caregiver.

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@feisty76 Have your friend and her guy contact the local/state bar association. Each attorney who is practicing must be a member in that. He may want to file a complaint about the failure of service the attorney performed. They may also point her guy towards a grey law attorney who can assist at short notice to accomplish what they may need.

I cannot agree with you more, to have all paperwork in order. However, for so many people, it is a touchy subject, dealing with mortality and possible situations. Not everyone wants to think about it. I have seen firsthand what it is like when a person can no longer make decisions, nor complete paperwork.

As to 5 Wishes, there is indeed an additional form that is required for Texas. Here is the FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions] from their website. There are a few states that require additional state approved forms, and the website gives you a link for these.
Please do not feel you are a burden. Please reach out to us for support, we are here for you.

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