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NSCLC with Leptomeningeal mets

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give u an update. My dad finished 10 sessions of WBR this week. He is still feel weak and numb on his feet. Hope it will get better. PET results came and looks like everything else looks good. Tumor in lungs shrunk again. Yee. 🙏🏼 So at this point he will continue Keytruda and add Avastin 900 mg every 6 weeks. They did not add anything else. I worry a little bit, yes, Keytruda Has been doing a great job controlling the lungs tumor progression but it still sneaked up to brain in MLD form, so just adding Avastin would help? What are other options realistically in this case? We are planning to do liquid biopsy soon to see if there are any new mutations. Our doctor also agreed To take Silibinin.

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@ina3– Good morning. Because we are not medical professionals we can't help with realistic options for your dad. I can't imagine how tough this is for you. Perhaps the biopsy will show a new direction for his doctors to take. It looks like they are moving ahead with an added chemical. Perhaps this will be the kick that is needed to defeat his cancer. Waiting is so hard. I'm so sorry that so many miles separate the 2 of you and that there are no easy answers. Cancer is hell. I hope that you are taking care of yourself. Does he have any family with him?

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