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Too much cold air entering the nostrils

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@learningstudent-I won’t go into details, as I am mainly here to help or provide insight for others anyway I can.
I will only say, I was in 100% perfect health, until I made a visit to an ENT (surgeon). Western Medicine is a huge money maker. Without patients making appts, there is no money to be made. If more patients were talked to or coached on overall health, fitness, wellness, most importantly stress levels, there would rarely be doctor visits. If an ENT is paid off of surgical procedures, it his his job to convince you to elect for surgery. So be very careful. As many doctors are trained in this and know, that if a patient is coming to see them, they are “worried” about something. They will “find” something to try and confirm your “worry”. But ask yourself, is my worry causing symptoms, or are my symptoms causing worry. Where your mind goes, the energy flows. It’s all interrelated.
We live in a fast paced, high anxiety driven society with technology changing everyday. Unfortunately that has spilled over into our health, with people wanting quick fixes and seeking a doctor to help them ASAP. It can cause more harm than good. The body is not a machine or technological device. Be patient and kind to your body and treat it with grace and respect. Learn/educate yourself on how to gain optimal health through proper nutrition(food is medicine), stress reduction, physical activity and social community. It’s all related when it comes to health.

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