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High WBC and platelet count

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@eoconner are you home now? Did you get the results from the JAK2 test?

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yeah i'm home now recovering. the JAK2 was negative as was the calr and mpl the first hematologist did. the hospital kept me 3 days and they told me my WBC was high all during my stay along with my platelets and they wanted to keep me longer but i told them it's been high since january of last year. so they let me go home. i'm on blood thinners and currently bridging from heparin to enoxaparin to warfarin. giving myself shots is weird but it's necessary so i'm glad needles don't bother me. i have bruises all over my hands and arms from how much blood they kept taking every few hours. but i'm hoping to get some answers and not just more questions my next appointment. my parents think i might have an autoimmune disorder but obviously we don't know that for sure.

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