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High WBC and platelet count

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Hi econnor, This site has many people who are more qualified to answer your query than I am. I am from Australia and I assume you are situated in USA. Our health systems are a little different but our health problems are exactly the same.

Normally WBC range should be between 4 to 11 and platelets 150 to 400. I have 3 different solid cancers as well as Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) so my WBC count is a bit higher at 150 and my Platelets range between 150 to 200. I have a number of different medical professionals on my team looking after me and whilst concerned about the high WBC they are quite happy with my situation and general health and have me on watch & wait and monitor progress every 3 months.

A high WBC should be thoroughly investigated especially when it has been determined that you haven't got any signs of infection. In regard to platelets the higher the count within the range the better, a low count indicates potential problems with clotting.

It is imperative that you find out the cause of your increased WBC count, don't wait around without knowing what is going on in your body, if there is something wrong then the earlier they find out what it is the better as they can target their prognosis with the right medication. I suggest that you get a second opinion, consider seeing a Hematologist as they specialise in problems with our blood which is what you appear to have. I was diagnosed with CLL in 2016 when my WBC count was similar to what you now have but don't take this as suggesting you could have CLL, leave this to the medical professionals. You have taken the first step in assuming responsibility for your own health by questioning the advice you have received, take the next step and seek a second opinion .
I wish you all the best and good luck.

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thank you i've been to two hematologist and both of them have brushed me off! they ruled out cancer but still have no idea why my blood count is so high! i'm looking for a different hematologist who will actually listen to me! i'm going to see the second again on monday and if i don't like her attitude. (i reported her to the clinic for her attitude) i'm going to find a doctor that will listen to me. i had my primary care doctor check my wbc count and it was 16. it fluctuates but it's not going down past 13.

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